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Zaleski Sports Free Throw Shooting Contest

Calling all basketball players; former, future and current!! Zaleski Sports proudly announces the 2020 Outdoor Free Throw Shooting Contest. This simple contest will test your ability to make as many consecutive free throws as you can. Winners will be eligible for prizes, including the best prize of them all – bragging rights!


The top shooters in each age group will be placed into a single elimination tournaments to determine the winners. Beginning March 25th and ending on March 29th, email the number of your best consecutive made free throw streak of the day to the email below. March 25 – 29 is the qualification period. Daily leaderboards will be posted on We will then use your best single streak as your qualification number to determine your spot in the single elimination bracket. Single elimination matches will be held daily beginning on March 30th and continue daily until a champion is crowned.

A video of all free throw sessions is required to participate. Only send video when requested.


1.) An unedited video will be requested from top finishers during the course of the tournament. (we are experts in editing video and will know if your video is edited, integrity counts!)

2.) Use an outdoor 10-foot-high goal and free throws shot at a distance of 15 feet. We recommend shooting free throws in your driveway to comply with current regulations.

3.) Residents of Taylor, Marathon, Portage, Wood and Clark counties are eligible for one contest and residents of southeastern Wisconsin are eligible for a second similar contest.

Age Groups:

10 and under




All groups will be separated male and female

Again, beginning on Wednesday, March 25th email your best consecutive free throw made number of the day. Shoot as many and often as you like each day to give yourself the best chance. Keep your video proof handy and if you are a top qualifier, your video will be requested.

Email to:

Include your name, age, sex and city

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