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SPORTSDESK - In what has turned into an NFL tradition for the past 15 years is the schedule release. Only dwarfed, largely, by the annual draft, the NFL schedule release is a fan favorite for many. Travel plans, ticket purchases, and scheduling complaints are the fruit of the schedule being made official by the PR genius's at the NFL. Even during "normal" times, the NFL captures the nationwide attention of sports fans and temporarily overtakes the attention of MLB, MLS, and others. Now, during "these" times, the NFL is front and center for the second time in three weeks and will absorb the spotlight unimpeded.

Teams across the league are free to announce their schedules today at 6:30pm central time with the NFL Network carrying-on with a studio show beginning at 7pm.

The league has stated that the 2020 season will begin as scheduled on September 10th with the Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Thursday season opener. During "these" times we can expect changes abound, even as the best laid plans are made. What changes can we expect during the 2020 NFL season? The in-game experience will surely be different. Masks, Purell stations, limited attendance, etc.

We found out earlier today that the league has also made plans in its schedule format to accommodate any delays that would infringe on the September 10 start date. The first four weeks of the season will include only non-conference games. Theory is that those games are most disposable if the season does need to be delayed. You can do without the non-conference games and still have a competitive season. The non-conference games have little post-season implications other than overall record. Should the season be shortened to 12 games, all of the conference variety, you keep the integrity of the playoffs and seeding that goes along with the post-season.

What other changes can we expect for the 2020 season? At this point it seems the only viable answer is, anything goes.

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