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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Offensive Player of the Year, Trevor Garski (Left) & GNC Coach of the Year Craig Martens (Right) Photo Courtesy: Mosinee High School Facebook Page

By Paul Lecker

Zaleski Sports

Undefeated champion Mosinee earned 11 first-team picks and the three top individual awards on the 2021 All-Great Northern Conference Football Team, as voted on by the eight conference coaches following the season.

Senior quarterback Trevor Garski was named Offensive Player of the Year, senior linebacker Nolan Harris was picked as Defensive Player of the Year, and Craig Martens was named Coach of the Year for Mosinee as the trio were part of the Indians’ Great Northern Conference championship team as they finished 7-0 and ended up 9-2 overall, reaching Level 2 of the WIAA playoffs.

Garski and Harris were two-way first-team selections, with Garski also earning honors at defensive back and Harris at offensive line.

Also earning first-team accolades for Mosinee were offensive lineman and defensive lineman Walker Beyerl, wide receiver and linebacker Davin Stoffel, wide receiver Keagan Jirschele, senior defensive lineman Wyatt Cherek, and defensive back Evan Utphall.

Garski topped the GNC with 1,324 passing yards and 18 touchdowns in the eight conference games.

Jirschele was the top receiver with 39 catches for 486 yards and seven touchdowns, and Stoffel caugh 21 passes for 385 yards and five scores.

Second-team picks for Mosinee included offensive lineman Wyatt Cherek, defensive lineman Charlie Spink, and defensive end/outside linebacker Barnes Bunkelman.

2021 All-Great Northern Conference Football Team

First Team (*denotes unanimous selection)


Linemen: *Nolan Harris, sr., Mosinee; *Joe Fugle, sr., Rhinelander; Bryce Sperl, jr., Medford; Jake Seifert, sr., Medford; Walker Beyerl, sr., Mosinee.

Tight end: *Brigham Kelley, sr., Medford.

Wide receivers: *Davin Stoffel, jr., Mosinee; Keagan Jirschele, so., Mosinee.

Quarterback: *Trevor Garski, sr., Mosinee.

Running backs: *Aiden Gardner, sr., Medford; *Cayden Neri, sr., Rhinelander; Parker Goodreau, sr., Ashland.

Kicker: Cody Lustig, sr., Ashland.


Linemen: *Wyatt Cherek, sr., Mosinee; *Walker Beyerl, sr., Mosinee; *A.J. Bergman, sr., Rhinelander; Kolten Ratclifff, sr., Medford.

Defensive ends/outside linebackers: *Brigham Kelley, sr., Medford; Joe Fugle, sr., Rhinelander.

Linebackers: *Nolan Harris, sr., Mosinee; *Chad Hunt, sr., Rhinelander; Davin Stoffel, jr., Mosinee.

Defensive backs: *Trevor Garski, sr., Mosinee; Caleb Guden, sr., Medford; Evan Utphall, sr., Mosinee; Caleb Olcikas, sr., Rhinelander.

Punter: *Cayden Neri, sr., Rhinelander.

Second Team


Linemen: David Granados, sr., Ashland; D.J. Woelber, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Wyatt Cherek, sr., Mosinee; Owen Kurtz, so., Rhinelander; Conner Jensen, jr., Rhinelander.

Wide receivers: Marcus Kruzan, jr., Ashland; Niizhoo Sullivan, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Max Masayesva, jr., Lakeland.

Quarterback: Kade Jolma, sr., Ashland.

Running backs: Ben Beattie, sr., Antigo; Rocky Wagoner, jr., Lakeland; Caleb Olcikas, sr., Rhinelander.

Kicker: Tanner Poppe, jr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles.


Linemen: Jacob Morgan, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Max Dietzman, so., Medford; Ryder Depies, jr., Merrill; Charlie Spink, sr., Mosinee.

Defensive ends/outside linebackers: Bailey Turenne, sr., Merrill; Barnes Bunkelman, jr., Mosinee.

Linebackers: Hunter Chenier, jr., Ashland; D.J. Woelber, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Cole Lehman, sr., Rhinelander.

Defensive backs: Cody Lustig, sr., Ashland; Micah Bacon, so., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Cayden Diels, sr., Merrill; Arik Beske, sr., Rhinelander.

Punter: Brayden Wiczek, jr., Lakeland.

Honorable Mention


Linemen: Aaron Converse, sr., Antigo; Adrian Gonzalez, jr., Ashland; Gaitlin Gunn, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Zane Amershek, so., Lakeland; Will Haavisto, jr., Medford; Ryder Depies, jr., Merrill; Abrehm Van Wie, sr., Merrill; Aiden Pehlke, sr., Merrill.

Wide receivers: Cody Lustig, sr., Ashland; Caleb Guden, sr., Medford; Drake Grod, sr., Mosinee.

Quarterbacks: Bailey Turenne, sr., Merrill; Chase Briggs, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Brayden Wiczek, jr., Lakeland; Jacksen Smith, sr., Rhinelander.

Running backs: Tukker Schreiner, jr., Medford; Brian Ball, jr., Merrill; Barnes Bunkelman, jr., Mosinee.


Linemen: David Bock, sr., Lakeland; Parker Crass, sr., Medford; Owen Kurtz, so., Rhinelander.

Defensive ends/outside linebackers: Ayden Froemel, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Gaitlin Gunn, sr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Jerry Goselin, jr., Lakeland; Cayden Neri, sr., Rhinelander.

Linebackers: Ben Beattie, sr., Antigo; Conner Kolz, sr., Antigo; Kendal Miller, jr., Hayward/Lac Courte Oreilles; Erik Mann, so., Merrill.

Defensive backs: Ethan Peterson, jr., Ashland; Austin Defoe, sr., Ashland; Jake Hayes, sr., Lakeland; Max Masayesva, jr., Lakeland; Keagan Jirschele, so., Mosinee; Drake Grod, sr., Mosinee; Cole Worrall, sr., Rhinelander; Caleb Winter, jr., Rhinelander.

Offensive Player of the Year: Trevor Garski, sr., quarterback, Mosinee.

Defensive Player of the Year: Nolan Harris, sr., linebacker, Mosinee.

Coach of the Year: Craig Martens, Mosinee.

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