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Division 5 – Boys WIAA Playoffs

#1 Newman Catholic vs. #9 Assumption

Newman Catholic:

Overall Record: 21-4

Conference Record: 14-2

PPG: 70.3

Number of Seniors: 8

Seed Score: 66.901 (2nd)

Strength of Schedule: 0.591 (4th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.537 (3rd)


Overall Record: 11-14

Conference Record: 6-10

PPG: 56.4

Number of Seniors: 5

Seed Score: 48.087 (40th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.592 (3rd)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.432 (24th)

2022-2023 Matchups: Newman won both (61-44 and 56-44)

Newman handled Assumption in both meetings, the last by a score that is a bit closer than what it was on the court. Assumption is a good team and is playing their best basketball at the right time. Newman played the JV the entire second half in an easy win against Tri-County, Assumption won a back and forth 8/9 game at Wild Rose. Senior Ryan Shaw surpassed the 1,000-point mark last game for Assumption. Senior Isaac Seidel committed to Concordia to play basketball this week as well. Assumption will need to hold Prey and Seidel to season lows if they want to pull the upset.

Dan Ross Prediction: Newman Catholic

Jason Zaleski Prediction: Newman Catholic

#4 Columbus Catholic vs. #5 Almond-Bancroft

Columbus Catholic:

Overall Record: 18-7

Conference Record: 11-3

PPG: 63.2

Number of Seniors: 2

Seed Score: 55.431 (20th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.516 (40th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.404 (30th)


Overall Record: 20-5

Conference Record: 8-4

PPG: 63.2

Number of Seniors: 2

Seed Score: 54.62 (23rd)

Strength of Schedule: 0.433 (77th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.345 (47th)

2022-2023 Previous Matchups: None

A classic 4/5 game with a potential Regional Final in play tomorrow against the Newman Catholic Cardinals. Both teams won round 1 games fairly easily as they should, and Almond-Bancroft will have to travel to Marshfield to play a Dons team who is hitting their stride late in the season. This should be a very close game that is a couple possessions either way. Home court is likely to play a big role in the outcome of this one.

Dan Ross Prediction: Columbus Catholic

Jason Zaleski Prediction: Almond Bancroft

#2 Pacelli vs. #10 Marion


Overall Record: 22-3

Conference Record: 12-0

PPG: 71.7

Number of Seniors: 2

Seed Score: 61.024 (9th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.458 (69th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.417 (25th)


Overall Record: 14-11

Conference Record: 10-2

PPG: 53.2

Number of Seniors: 4

Seed Score: 44.316 (49th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.422 (79th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.328 (52nd)

2022-2023 Previous Matchups: None

Pacelli has rolled most of the season, thanks to star power and an up-tempo offense in a conference that generally likes to play slow. Pacelli feasted on Gresham in Round 1 and looks to continue the run tonight against Marion. Marion upset Northland Lutheran on the road by 18 in a game that they led start to finish. Marion will have to contain Jayden Awe and Camden Schurk to stay in this one, but not sure that’s in the cards. Look for the Cards to roll to a Regional Final game Saturday night.

Dan Ross Prediction: Pacelli

Jason Zaleski Prediction: Pacelli

#3 Athens vs. #6 Port Edwards


Overall Record: 20-5

Conference Record: 13-3

PPG: 65.0

Number of Seniors: 4

Seed Score: 58.572 (12th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.478 (58th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.444 (15th)

Port Edwards:

Overall Record: 16-8

Conference Record: 8-4

PPG: 63.8

Number of Seniors: 4

Seed Score: 51.790 (29th)

Strength of Schedule: 0.440 (74th)

Defeated Opponents Strength: 0.353 (45th)