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SPORTSDESK - In perhaps a precursor for how fall sports will look, the WIAA issued guidance for the summer session that begins on July 1st. In a statement by the WIAA, that is shared by Zaleski Sports, the association identifies physical and mental health as a reason to conduct sports. "The WIAA believes it is essential to the physical and mental well-being of student-athletes in grades 6-12 to return to organized physical activity and build team relationships with their peers and coaches."

The "Return to play" guidance issued by the CDC, and others, calls for individual school athletic departments to operate with the approval from their school district leaders.

From the WIAA: For workouts, practices and competitions to continue, social distancing and other preventive measures such as face covering/masking and frequent sanitizing of hands, implements, and equipment should be considered the “new normal”. This will likely remain in place until a cure, vaccine or very effective treatment is readily available, or so-called “herd immunity” is confidently reached.

Other key items from the guidance include; practicing in small pods or cohorts, using a simple cloth facemask during activity, excluding yourself from activities when a temperature of 100.4 and greater is present, limit visitors, spectators, and volunteers, and designing activities to ensure a safe re-acclimation to activities. The guidance also states each team should identify one coach as a "Covid-19 coach" for a central point of contact person on the team and one who is also Covid-19 subject matter expert.

The guidelines also specifically mention the sport of football and recommends all players wear a facecovering during physical contact and does not allow for face shields during play.

You can read the entire guideline here:

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