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On Thursday morning the WIAA Board of Control gathered virtually to consider additional guidelines to the 2020/2021 high school sports season. In a vote of 8-3, the board has moved the start of fall sports practices to August 17th for all sports with the exception of football, soccer, and volleyball which will begin practice on September 7th. Because of the delay, all fall sports will have a shortened season. Season ending tournaments are still in question. The motion was made by District Two Representative Scott Winch, who is also the Stratford School District Superintendent.

A recent proposal by schools from the southwestern portion of Wisconsin had proposed a plan that included delaying fall sports until April, while beginning winter sports in December and spring sports in the summer. Various concerns were voiced during the discussion about this plan, many centering around safety of football student/athletes playing their sport into June and the lack of recovery time with the 2021 season starts just two months later. Other concerns revolved around pushing spring to summer as it would severely conflict with summer travel teams, family vacations, and student/athletes who work during the summer months.

Wisconsin Athletic Director Association President Todd Sobrilsky asked for a decision to be made during the meeting. “The worst thing that could happen out of this meeting is that we postpone and wait to see what happens next. We need to know what to do.”

Many members were in favor of sports to resume soon and for the benefit of high school students in the way of physical well-being, mental health, and extended learning away from the classroom. Board of Control member Wade Lebecki said about his goal for football teams and coaches, “Getting the kids together and getting the kids opportunities to be with one another. To be able to go ahead and play their sport.” Stephanie Hauser said she has heard her coaches say it’s about playing sports, “their number one priority is getting kids back together.”

2020-21 Members of the Board of Control

Officers for 2020-21

  • President - Eric Russell, Baldwin-Woodville

  • President-Elect - TBA

  • Treasurer - TBA

  • District 1 - Eric Russell, Baldwin-Woodville (term expires 2022)

  • District 2 - Scott Winch, Stratford (term expires 2021)

  • District 3 - Mike Beighley, Whitehall (term expires 2023)

  • District 4 - Dave Steavpack, Manitowoc (term expires 2023)

  • District 5 - Willy Chambers, Black Hawk (term expires 2021)

  • District 6 - Bernie Nikolay, Cambridge (term expires 2022)

  • District 7 - Phil Ertl, Wauwatosa  (term expires 2022)

  • Ethnic Minority At-Large Representative - Karl Morrin, Menominee Indian (term expires 2023)

  • Gender Minority At-Large Representative - Jennifer Vogler, Sturgeon Bay (term expires 2021)

  • Nonpublic School At-Large Representative - Paul Pedersen, Regis (term expires 2022)

  • Wisconsin Association of School Boards Representative -  Mike Humke, Dodgeville (term expires 2022)

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