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Welcome to the first of its kind in Wisconsin, computerized baseball rankings. These rankings take into effect only the games played to date. Each week the rankings will be updated based on wins, losses, and strength of schedule. Have fun reading and share with your friends.

With 436 baseball teams in the state of Wisconsin finding the Top 20 overall, regardless of division, is a fascinating discovery. With each of the four divisions represented in the Top 20, it’s a clear lead for the top team in Division 1. Menomonee Falls leads eight Division 1 programs at the top of the rankings after their 13-0 start and by far our highest score.

Right behind is Bangor, the top team in Division 3. At 7-0, one of the State Finalists last season moved up a division and hasn’t missed a beat, leading a quartet of teams from Division 3 in the overall Top 20. #5 Chilton leads the way among 4 Division 2 teams, while #8 Regis is the top of the heap among a trio of Division 4 teams in the Top 20.

Here are the top 20 teams overall in Wisconsin: