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Fourteenth in our alphabetical series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Grace Nelson

Dancing gave me an opportunity to exit my comfort zone and push myself to be more self-assured when performing in front of an audience. I’ve been on our school’s dance team since my freshman year. Validating my efforts, I have received a varsity letter for my years on the dance team and earned the role of team captain. Throughout my high school career, I had many academic achievements. For example, I am currently ranked 4th in my class with a 4.02 GPA, while maintaining an ambitious schedule.

I’ve taken college-level classes throughout my years, such as AP Language and Composition, Biology 105 with dual enrollment at the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, AP Literature and Composition, and AP Calculus. I persevered through these rigorous classes, dedicating time and effort to reach academic success.

I selected to pursue Special Education at the University of Wisconsin- Madison because of the passion I have for school. Despite the challenges of academic life, I still love the process of learning new things. I have realized over the years that some students learn at different rates, prefer different methods, and enjoy content to varying degrees. I would like to be the educator that has the patience to ensure that each student understands the material being taught thoroughly before advancing, and the teacher who always offers help.

Marcus Campbell

My athletic and academic success has taught me how to be a leader, get out of my comfort zone, and has taught me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life. Over the last four years I’ve learned many lessons in perseverance and grit which I will continue to use as I further my education.

In the next four years I plan on attending either UW Madison or UW River Falls in the health sciences departments. My overall goal for the future is to become a chiropractor.

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