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SPORTSDESK - The SPASH Panthers began their 2019-20 season at home with an 83-59 loss to DeForest. DeForest had just seen their football team win a state championship on Friday, defeating Menasha 8-7. The Norskies perhaps used the excitement of seeing their classmates raise the gold ball a day prior, got off to a fast 40-21 halftime start and cruised from there.

SPASH got a game leading 23 points from senior standout, Leah Earnest, who also claimed 14 rebounds and two assists. Earnest was joined in double digit points with 11 from Zoe Fink. DeForest had three double digit point scorers, led by Maggie Trauysch with 21.

Head Coach Kraig Terpstra said there's room to grow after game one, “Typical first game, we have a lot to work on. DeForest shot the ball very well.”

Next up for SPASH Milwaukee Pius at the Brookfield Central Shootout on Saturday, November 30 at 3:15pm.

1st Half


DeForest 40



DeForest 83

SPASH Scoring:

Kendra Czerneski

Shaye Solinsky 3

Faith Weddle

Avery Lilly 7

Kylie Klismith 7

Hailey Carlson 3

Tahlia Moe 4

Zoe Fink 11

Emma Jossie 1

Leah Earnest 23

Avita Cole

Lauren Strasman

SPASH 3 pointers- Moe 1, Fink 3, Earnest 3

Earnest had 14 rebounds

Earnest had 2 Assists

DeForest Scoring:

Alyssa Laufenberg 4

Natalie Compke 8

Grace Roth 15

Maya Pickardt 2

Maggie Trauysch 21

Tahlida Hardiman 1

Jaelyn Derlein 4

Sydney Hahn 3

Sam Schaefer 7

Taylor Tschumper 2

Megan Mickelson 10

Deforest 3 Pointers- Compe 2, Roth 1, Trautsch 5, Derlein 1, Hahn 1, Schaefer 2, Mickelson 1

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