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SPORTSDESK - The School District of Auburndale has changed its mascot from Apaches to Eagles according to an update on the district Facebook page.

The change, which had been debated intermittently since 1998, comes as a bit of a surprise. The school held a district wide community vote that concluded on January 14th. Voters headed to the polls and were confronted with four choices; Express, Storm, Aubies, Alpha Wolves, Avalanche. Some time after the vote was conducted, the district announced that the school would change its mascot to the "Storm". It was expected that the new mascot would be approved at the February school board meeting. It was not.

In the March edition of the school newsletter district administrator, James Delikowski, informs readers that a new mascot will be unveiled soon. Delikowski also states that the district will continue to update through mailings. There has not been a newsletter published on the school website since March.

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