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MARSHFIELD – The Marshfield girls golf team earned its best finish thus far this season, taking third at the third leg of the 2020 Wisconsin Valley Conference Tournament on Tuesday at Marshfield Country Club.

Wausau East/West won for the third-straight time with a 192, and Wisconsin Rapids was second for the third meet in a row with a 206. Marshfield, which had finished fourth in the first two meets, took third on its home course with a 214, one shot better than D.C. Everest.

Marshfield’s Morgan Meyer finished second with a 46, her best finish of the season. Tess Bruner of East/West was meet medalist again with a 45 and continues to lead the individual overall standings.

Anna Weis shot a 51 and finished ninth, Bryssa Lenz had a 57, Sophie Lee had a 60 and Liliana Anaya had a 63 to round out the scoring for Marshfield.

The nine-meet tournament continues Friday with the fourth leg at the Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids.

2020 Wisconsin Valley Conference Girls Golf Tournament Meet No. 3, Sept. 22, at Marshfield Country Club Team standings: 1. Wausau East/West 192; 2. Wisconsin Rapids 206; 3. Marshfield 214; 4. D.C. Everest 215. Individual scores: 1. Tess Bruner (WAU) 45; 2. Morgan Meyer (MAR) 46; 3. Jasmine Yang (WAU) 47; 4. Claire Ninneman (WR) 49; 5. Jess Nardi (WAU), Dylan Gruszynski (WR), Ayla Trollop (WAU) and Aramie Theiss (DC) 50; 9. Anna Weis (MAR) 51; 10. Logan Vollert (WR) and Grace Woodward (DC) 53; 12. Faith Cour (WR) and Lauren Wimmer (DC) 54; 14. Kait Haferman (WR), Bryssa Lenz (MAR) and Kit Kronberger (WAU) 57; 17. Ashtyn Fernstaedt (DC) and Hannah Mullins (DC) 58; 19. Sophie Lee (MAR) 60; 20. Liliana Anaya (MAR) 63. Overall through Meet No. 3 of 9 Team standings: 1. Wausau East/West 12; 2. Wisconsin Rapids 9; 3. D.C. Everest 5; 4. Marshfield 4. Individual standings: 1. Tess Bruner (WAU) 30; 2. Jasmine Yang (WAU) 26; 3. Dylan Gruszynski (WR) 20; 4. Jess Nardi (WAU) 16; 5. Morgan Meyer (MAR) 14.5; 6. Faith Cour (WR) 11.5; 7. Grace Woodward (DC) and Ayla Trollop (WAU) 8.5; 9. Claire Ninneman (WR) 7; 10. Kit Kronberger (WAU) 5.5; 11. Aramie Theiss (DC) 4.5; 12. Anna Weis (MAR) and Logan Vollert (WR) 4; 14. Ashtyn Fernstaedt (DC) and Kait Haferman (WR) 3.

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