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Ninth in our alphabetical series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Remi Geiger

I am truly appreciative to possess a competitive nature that pushes me to strive and stay determined for excellence. The athletic awards and recognition I have received are not the principal influence of my engagement in athletics. I have built a sportsmanship-like character along with a strong social platform with my coaches and teammates during my participation in sports. Athletics have taught me to win gracefully and lose with dignity and give the recognition of success to those around me. As a child, I had many role models who participated in athletics, and I knew the feeling as a young admirer to look up to someone, so recognizing and giving back to the youth through specialized tutoring, skill work, and numerous camps is abundantly meaningful.

Academically, my grades reflect the hard-working character I attain, in and out of school. Academic participation is vital to me because I can show my academic side rather than my athletic side. It can be difficult to balance athletic and academic life; however, I hope this influences other students who participate in many activities, clubs, and teams that striving for stellar grades is possible with determination. Competing athletically and academically is a tremendous part of my high school, and as I leave my town of Loyal, I hope to leave a lasting mark on coaches, teammates, teachers, and young athletes.

I have always wanted to have a job that would make a difference in peoples’ lives, and I believe that speech pathology provides me that opportunity. In order to earn my undergraduate in Communication Sciences and Disorders, I plan on attending the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in Marshfield for two years, then transferring to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in Stevens Point to complete my bachelor’s and follow up with my master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I understand that it will take determination and perseverance to reach this goal, but I am prepared to put in the extra work and studies. In college

and beyond, I will hold myself to the same expectations that I currently do. Managing my time wisely and taking every assignment as an opportunity to learn has been a reachable goal of mine, and I intend for these goals to follow me into the future.

Kole Bogdonovich

My athletic success has allowed me to realize how hard work pays off and how I can achieve goals while working as a team and taking advice from coaches and other trusted adults. My athletic success has also enabled me to continue to play competitively at the college level if I choose to do so. My academic success has helped me realize that working hard in the classroom and achieving good grades opens a lot more opportunities.

My academic success has also helped me realize that I can use my academic skills and talents to help others reach their goals.

My short-term plan is to maintain good grades the rest of senior year and continue to a one-year gap program to take a break from the pressures and stresses of school. My long-term plan is to either go to college for nonprofit management or work with inner city kids and their families with a nonprofit organization such as Cru who sponsors mission trips.

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