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Fifth in our alphabetical series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Hamilton Williams

My success in academics and athletics has taught me that I can accomplish any goal I am willing to take on, and almost any goal can be achieved through hard work and dedication. I have learned to put my best foot forward in everything I do.

The success I’ve had has not been without many failures along the way, but the only time I’ve had regrets about making a mistake was when I knew I hadn’t given my absolute best effort.

After graduation, I plan to attend UW-Madison to study Civil Engineering. After getting my degree, I plan to work in a related engineering field until I am able to get my Professional Engineering License and eventually work my way up to designing extravagant houses and commercial buildings such as theaters or museums.

I plan on attending college as a nursing major and continuing my volleyball career.

Being an athlete during school allowed me to manage my time well. Athletics and academics helped me develop into a young adult, giving me many of the qualities I now possess. Playing the game and the competitive atmosphere is one aspect, but the relationships made are the other.

These relationships have made my life much more enjoyable and they have made it easier to take down obstacles. Because of my athletics and academics, I know that I want to go into healthcare in my future. I know that the compassion, hard work, and resilience I have acquired through athletics and academics will allow me to succeed in pursuing my passion.

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Columbus Catholic

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