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Sports Desk – After 17 years the Edgar Wildcats are introducing a new girls basketball coach. The Wildcats are naming Middle School and High School principal Tom McCarty as the new head coach.

McCarty who has taken the reigns as the principal will take over the head coaching spot, a role he is very familiar with.

Before coming to Edgar, McCarty was the head coach for the Mosinee girls basketball team from 2010-2019.

“I’m excited to be coaching again after a year off was strange not being in the gym all winter,” McCarty said, “I’m excited to bring the experience and lessons I’ve learned from past experiences and hopefully add on to the great tradition already established at Edgar.”

A great tradition it is as former coach Betty Urmanski has built up quite the program over the past 17 years and coach McCarty knows there isn’t too much to change especially with the seniors he has returning.

“It will be huge to have two seniors who have been a part of that success,” McCarty said, “We will lean on their leadership heavily.”

Though he doesn’t plan on changing up a whole lot he will take from what the girls know and implant that into his new system.

“I’ve got to find little pieces of my systems and philosophies and marry it with what we are already doing well,” McCarty said, “somethings I really believe in is playing with lots of transition, putting lots of pressure on our opponents to allow us to dictate the tempo.”

McCarty will get some help with the two leading Wildcat scorers back in Makenna Guden (20.2ppg) and Gabby Keim (12.7ppg) as Edgar looks to get over that hump this season make it past a sectional semi-final.

“I’m excited to get to work with the Edgar girls basketball team and going to work really hard to build excitement around this group,” McCarty said, “Get people to come out and see this group play because one of the things I believe in, is increasing the awareness of the greatness of girls basketball.”

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