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SCHOFIELD, WI - After 13 years as DC Everest varsity softball coach and 18 years with the program, Mike Mathies has announced his resignation.

During his 13 years, which included 12 season played, Mathies achieved a Wisconsin Valley Conference record of 100-45. DC Everest claimed a conference championship in 2021.

Mike Mathies

"I become more patient in personal life and coaching life due to my experience as coach of the Everest softball team. Every year I had great kids and they taught me every moment wasn’t life or death. They made me more accepting of mistakes. The kids were always

attempting to please their teammates and coaches."

Mathies also went on to say, "I always wanted the kids to believe that working hard consistently would bring great results. Softball is a game of repetition and constant work equals improvement. I always told the kids this isn’t an overnight process; the best players were always the hardest workers."

Idividuals wishing to express interetest in DC Everest Athletics should contact Athletic Director James Sekel.

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