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SPORTSDESK - Columbus Catholic schools opened its doors fully on August 25th for in-person learning. School opening is a relief and source of happiness for Athletic Director and parent, Joe Konieczny. "It is so nice having students back in the building and seeing so many new faces. I've never seen young people so eager to get back to school and their friends", said Koniezcny.

Konieczny is also a parent of two children attending Columbus Catholic. "I know that educators are best suited for teaching my kids and any kids. It's best to have them in the classroom where the teachers can observe their learning and execute their professional training. Certainly much better that I can do at home."

Safety precautions such as mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, and an updated cleaning scheduled at the school also make parents and community members more at ease.

Athletics at Columbus Catholic will also have a different look and feel for those attending in-person or watching on-line. "If a volleyball match were to take place tonight, the county attendance limit is 100", said Konieczny. "That includes players, coaches, referees, workers; everybody. Our relationship with Zaleski Sports really has taken on extra significance during these times. For me to be able to tell of of our student/athlete families and loved ones that you can still watch the games outside of the gym, and live at Zaleski Sports means everything to me and the school."

Zaleski Sports will broadcast every Columbus Catholic JV and Varsity home volleyball games in 2020. Many road games will also be broadcast, including a wide selection of home and road Columbus Catholic soccer matches. You can watch all games live at

Updated Columbus Catholic and Cloverbelt Conference athletic schedules will be found here at Zaleski Sports later this week.

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