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Second in our series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Abigail Eiler

My athletic and academic success had helped me grow as a person tremendously. I have learned so much through playing sports like teamwork, leadership, and being committed. I learned that even in the hard times when

things aren’t going my way I need to stay committed and try harder. This was a very important skill for me because it taught me not to give up. To this day when I feel like giving up, I know that I need to work harder and I can achieve anything. Many times I have been frustrated with sports and I learned from my coaches to try harder and not give up. I also learned through sports to set goals and do whatever it takes to reach them. High school sports improved my life greatly by teaching me basic skills that I use every day.

I plan on taking a CNA class through CVTC in Spring 2020 to be eligible for the Nursing Program at CVTC. I plan on working in a nursing home after I am finished with my CNA class to earn money to help pay for college. After graduating from Cadott High School, I plan to attend Chippewa Valley Technical College. After graduating from CVTC with an Associate degree in nursing, I want to further my education for a Bachelor degree in nursing at UWEC. After receiving my Associate degree I want to work as an RN at a local hospital in Eau Claire in a surgery center or as a Hospice nurse. After receiving my Bachelor degree I want to work as a midwife in Eau Claire.

Ethan Tegels

It wasn’t necessarily the success I had that helped me to grow as a person but the journey I had to take in order to be successful. It was the long nights training and studying that set me up to do good in competition or pass my test. Because of the time that I put in it has taught me what I have to do to continue to be successful in college and then in my career. With the process I have taken it has made me a better and more humble person. I will continue to stay on this path to achieve my new goals as I move on to the next big step in life.

After graduating high school, I will be attending UW Platteville with a major in Civil Engineering. I plan on playing for the Pioneers football team this fall. After graduating college I will get a job in structural or transportation engineering.

Altoona 2020 Scholar Athletes