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Affordable advertising spots are available. Support your local teams and include your business in positive community news!

Zaleski Sports is the area’s best choice for your favorite high school sports. The Zaleski Sports network provides hundreds of Live Stream high school sporting events annually for your business to be seen on. We partner with dozens of dedicated and enthusiastic sponsors from around the area that love sports as much as you do. The result is sports programming and entertainment that is 100% free to the viewer. Pricing from $25 monthly to fit your budget and accomplish your advertising needs.


Zaleski Sports highlights of local sporting events continue to thrill and entertain thousands of people every week. Our highlights are “Up-Close, Intimate and Personal”, giving unique and all-access views of the event. The highlights also provide coach and student/athlete interviews that allow the personal story behind the game to be told. You can watch dozens of highlights every month on the Zaleski Sports Facebook network.

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