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Marshfield’s Cami Wucherpfennig competes in the 200 medley relay at the Merrill Fun in the Sun Outdoor Relays on Thursday at the Merrill Area Recreation Center. (Submitted photo)

Zaleski Sports

MERRILL – Marshfield won one event and had four other top-four finishes as it opened its season at the Merrill Fun in the Sun Girls Swimming Relays on Thursday at the Merrill Area Recreation Center.

Rhinelander won the team title with 208 points, two more than runner-up of Stevens Point. Marshfield finished seventh with 132 points.

Terra Risa, Faith Risa, Courtney Donahue and Lauren Olszewski teamed to win the 400 medley class relay for Marshfield in 4:25.08.

Stevens Point had top-four finishes in every event, including a win in the 200 breaststroke relay. The team of Brooke Swiecki, Anna Johnston, Sophie Johnston and Jenna Breitbach won in 2:13.72.

Marshfield earned a second-place finish in the 200 breaststroke relay as Brooke Begotka, Terra Risa, Faith Risa and Skylar Onsager swam in 2:18.06.

The 200 butterfly relay of Begotka, Olszewski, Terra Risa and Donahue was third in 1:56.70, and the team of Onsager, Begotka, Donahue and Faith Risa was third in the 400 medley individual relay in 4:30.75 for the Tigers.

Marshfield also earned a fourth-place finish in the 200 backstroke relay as Donahue, Onsager, Begotka and Terra Risa swam in 2:04.57.

Marshfield will compete at the Menomonie Invitational on Saturday.

Merrill Fun in the Sun Outdoor Relays

Team scores: 1. Rhinelander 208; 2. Stevens Point 206; 3. Rice Lake 186; 4. Merrill 160; 5. D.C. Everest 144; 6. Lakeland 134; 7. Marshfield 132; 8. Trident Swim Team (Lake Holcombe/Ladysmith-/Flambeau/Bruce) 100; 9. Wausau West 66; 10. Black River Falls 38; 11. Tomahawk 34.

Event winners, and Stevens Point and Marshfield finishers

200 medley relay: 1. Merrill (Grace Schultz, Amber Winter, Claire Schultz, Laney Zuelsdorff) 1:58.08; 4. Stevens Point (Izzy Raczek, Sophie Johnston, Claire Swiecki, Ella Solin) 2:03.78; 7. Stevens Point (Madelen Nordin, Ella Czerwonka, Angel Ward, Anika Hertheim) 2:12.11; 14. Stevens Point (Toren Anderson, Olivia Yang, Idaya Cabral-Stamler, Hannah Kovalske) 2:28.02; 18. Marshfield (Cami Wucherpfennig, Sam Kilty, Ella Allar, Ally Leonhardt) 2:41.80; 20. Marshfield (Katie Wernberg, Katie Wagner, Rebecca Seibel, Melina Deleske) 2:47.93.

400 medley class relay: 1. Marshfield (Terra Risa, Faith Risa, Courtney Donahue, Lauren Olszewski) 4:25.08; 3. Stevens Point (Raczek, Anna Johnston, Jocelyn Trzebiatowski, Ashleigh Pahnke) 4:31.24; 10. Stevens Point (Rory Geesey, Eliana Duessing, Elisabeth Kiffner, Hannah Clark) 5:17.30.

500 freestyle relay: 1. Rhinelander (Noelle St. Pierre, Karis Francis, Malia Francis, Abishea Winnicki) 4:47.39; 4. Stevens Point (Brooke Swiecki, Pahnke, Hertheim, Solin) 5:24.55; 10. Marshfield (Deleske, Nina Koubek, F. Risa, Skyler Onsager) 5:54.40; 11. Stevens Point (Clark, Cabral-Stamler, Kovalske, Nordin) 5:57.19.

400 medley individual relay: 1. Merrill (C. Schultz, Bailey Orzech, Winter, G. Schultz) 4:20.96; 2. Stevens Point (Jenna Breitbach, S. Johnston, C. Swiecki, Czerwonka) 4:28.41; 3. Marshfield (Onsager, Brooke Begotka, Donahue, F. Risa) 4:30.75; 10. Stevens Point (Duessing, Ward, Yang, Kiffner) 5:07.28; 15. Marshfield (Katie Wagner, Sam Kilty, Wucherpfenning, Olszewski) 5:55.35.

200 butterfly relay: 1. Rhinelander (Ellyse Younker, Winnicki, K. Francis, M. Francis) 1:49.33; 2. Stevens Point (C. Swiecki, Ward, Trzebiatowski, Breitbach) 1:54.42; 3. Marshfield (Begotka, Olszewski, T. Risa, Donahue) 1:56.70; 11. Stevens Point (Anderson, Raczek, Kiffner, Geesey) 2:24.60.

200 freestyle relay: 1. D.C. Everest (Marisol Swenson, Katie Hall, Nevaeh Mathwich, Claire Tesch) 1:47.06; 4. Stevens Point (Pahnke, Solin, A. Johnston, B. Swiecki) 1:48.40; 8. Stevens Point (Trzebiatowski, Nordin, Kovalske, Cabral-Stamler) 1:57.03; 14. Stevens Point (Clark, Anderson, Kira Lindsy, Yang) 2:14.04; 18. Marshfield (Seibel, Esme DeJarlais, Emma Olson, Koubek) 2:25.03; 21. Marshfield (Deleske, Keely Gorst, Wernberg, S. Kilty) 2:30.44; 22. Marshfield (Leonhardt, Ryann Kilty, Bailey Mueller, Lizzie Hanson) 2:41.11.

200 backstroke relay: 1. Rhinelander (Winnicki, Sierra Woodford, Margaret Lamberg, M. Francis) 1:57.79; 3. Stevens Point (Lindsy, Anderson, Kovalske, Stinson) 2:04.54; 4. Marshfield (Donahue, Onsager, Begotka, T. Risa) 2:04.57; 6. Stevens Point (Trzebiatowski, Raczek, Herheim, Ward) 2:07.46; 13. Stevens Point (Nordin, Kiffner, Duessing, Geesey) 2:23.03; 16. Marshfield (Olszewski, Leonhardt, Gorst, Olson) 2:41.15; 20. Marshfield (DeJarlais, Hanson, R. Kilty, Wernberg) 2:53.06.

200 breaststroke: 1. Stevens Point (B. Swiecki, A. Johnston, S. Johnston, Breitbach) 2:13.72; 2. Marshfield (Begotka, T. Risa, Onsager, F. Risa) 2:18.06; 12. Stevens Point (Cabral-Stamler, Czerwonka, Yang, Clark) 2:48.91; 14. Marshfield (Wagner, Wucherpfennig, Allar, S. Kilty) 3:02.05.

400 freestyle relay: 1. Rhinelander (Winnicki, Genna Fugle, Younker, M. Francis) 3:47.58; 2. Stevens Point (B. Swiecki, Pahnke, S. Johnston, Breitbach) 3:51.48; 7. Stevens Point (Solin, A. Johnston, Herheim, C. Swiecki) 4:17.50; 14. Stevens Point (Czerwonka, Lindsy, Duessing, Geesey) 4:57.01; 17. Marshfield (Gorst, Deleske, Koubek, Olson) 5:34.39.