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By Paul Lecker

AUBURNDALE – The School District of Auburndale will undergo a mascot change.

While the rumor has been out there for a while, the news of the change is now official as public voting is underway to pick a new nickname and mascot for the district.

Since 1998, Auburndale kept the Apaches nickname, but abandoned the previously-used logo and mascot. In the November edition of the “District Mirror,” (which can be read here)</a>, Auburndale Superintendent James Delikowski wrote: “In 1998 Auburndale became more aware that the Apache Nation preferred us not to use a mascot affiliated with their community. As always, the Auburndale community did the right thing and agreed to avoid using the old mascot and worked to avoid proliferation of the label that belonged to the community of the five nations making up the Apache people.”

Voting for the new nickname and mascot has begun, with five choices given to the community. Here is the ballot, which includes instructions of how to return your vote.

The five choices are the Express, Storm, Aubies, Alpha Wolves, and Avalanche. Click here to view descriptions of each and why they are tied to the Auburndale community.

Ballots must be turned in by Jan. 14 to be counted.

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