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SPORTSDESK - Pacelli Catholic Schools of Stevens Point (WI) have been open for the past week, and according to staff and students, it has been an exciting time. On August 14th, the school described to parents it's plan to open fully on August 25th for in-person learning for all grades. An online plan is also available to those who prefer to keep their children at home.

First year school President, Cindy Weber, spoke about the excitement of school being back in session.

Cindy Weber

"We are so excited to have our Pacelli family back together again! Although things are very different, and will be for most of the school year, the camaraderie and sense of belonging are strong. Keywords for all of us this year will be flexibility and looking out for each other", said Weber.

Students are also excited to be back in school, with their friends and teachers.

  • "I love going to school. You get to see all of your friends and learn at the same time. The teachers are wonderful too. School is awesome!" - Alaina Sbonik, 8th Grade

  • "It is great to be back at school because you get in person learning and you can see your friends." - Franklin Meadows, 8th Grade

  • "It is great to be back at school! Even if you have to social distance and wear masks, you still get to see your friends and learn much more!" - Lucas Haemmerle, 8th Grade

  • "It is great to be back and see my friends and the teachers. We do still have to be socially distant and wear our masks but we still are learning and having fun." - Malise Beduhn, 8th Grade

  • "Being back at school is going great! Soon we should be able to go back to normal. In the meantime I’m having lots of fun with my friends and being able to see them again." - Nathan Reimer, 8th Grade

Elaine Jakusz

"Being with the students in person is like food for the soul" said Elaine Pisarski Jakusz (Middle School teacher). "When you choose the profession of teaching, it is the personal connections, the interactions, the smiles and the aha moments that make it all worthwhile."

Pacelli high school sports programs will soon be in full swing for the fall season as a valued part of the high school experience. There will be attendance limitations to spectators wishing to watch the events live at the venue. To help let anybody watch the events live, Pacelli Catholic has partnered with Zaleski Sports to broadcast games live and watchable online at All varsity football, volleyball, and soccer matches home and away will be available free of charge to watch online. Select tennis matches will be broadcast live or have video highlights available after the contests.

With some area schools not allowing full in-person school or fall sports participation, now may be the right time to consider enrolling your child at Pacelli Catholic Schools. Visit here to find out more.

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