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RHINELANDER – The Marshfield boys swim team won one event and had five runner-up finishes to take third at the five-team Hodag Relays on Saturday at Rhinelander High School.

Rhinelander won the team title with 110 points, 20 more than Tomahawk. Marshfield was third with 84 points.

Marshfield’s lone win came in the 200-yard medley relay. The team of Kyle Berres, Myles Jensen, Sander Marty and Ethan Dagit finished in 1:47.83 to take first place.

Second-place finishers for Marshfield came in the 800 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 300 butterfly, 500 decrescendo and 300 backstroke relays.

Marshfield hosts Stevens Point for a Wisconsin Valley Conference dual meet on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Hodag Relays Dec. 14, at Rhinelander High School Team scores: 1. Rhinelander 110; 2. Tomahawk 90; 3. Marshfield 84; 4. Lakeland 76; 5. Superior 52. Winners and Marshfield finishers 200 medley relay: 1. Marshfield (Kyle Berres, Myles Jensen, Sander Marty, Ethan Dagit) 1:47.83; Other finisher: Marshfield (Adam Donahue, Michael Dick, Eben Lonsdale, Brayden Fischer) 2:15.02. 800 freestyle relay: 1. Tomahawk (Alex Norman, Trey Miller, Brady Tjugum, Caleb Kretzscmar) 8:54.28; 2. Marshfield (Matthew Gronski, Cole Hanson, Connor Berres, Jensen) 8:56.52. 400 medley relay: 1. Rhinelander (Jack Antonuk, Daniel Gillingham, David King, Joseph Heck) 4:02.39. 200 freestyle relay: 1. Rhinelander (Carter Gaber, Charlie Heck, Gavin Ostermann, Devon Gaber) 1:39.75; 2. Marshfield (Dane Tollefson, Gronski, Matt Begotka, Fischer) 1:54.23; Other finisher: Marshfield (Ian Brunson, Donahue, Onan, Clinton Tompkins) 2:08.53. 300 butterfly relay: 1. Rhinelander (Antonuk, King, Jacob Schoppe) 2:58.41; 2. Marshfield (Dagit, J. Berres, S. Marty) 3:05.40. 500 decrescendo relay: 1. Rhinelander (Thaddeus Heck, Gillingham, D. Gaber, C. Heck) 4:50.54; 2. Marshfield (Jensen, C. Berres, Hanson, Wesley Marty) 4:56.45. 300 backstroke relay: 1. Tomahawk (Miller, Keaton Jed, Travis Phillips) 3:03.18; 2. Marshfield (Tollefson, J. Berres, K. Berres) 3:14.10. 150 mixer relay: 1. Tomahawk (Tyler Teichmiller, Lian Hogan, Brandon Boh) 1:17.87; 3. Marshfield (S. Marty, K. Berres, Dagit) 1:21.71. 300 breaststroke relay: 1. Rhinelander (Antonuk, T. Heck, J. Heck) 3:19.41; 5. Marshfield (Dick, W. Marty, Graham Lonsdale) 4:26.40; Other finisher: Marshfield (Brunson, Clinton Tompkins, Onan) 5:04.59. 400 freestyle relay: 1. Tomahawk (Boh, Teichmiller, Avery Tucker, Hogan) 3:33.64; 3. Marshfield (J. Berres, C. Berres, Tollefson, Hanson) 3:59.04; Other finisher: Marshfield (Begotka, Fischer, E. Lonsdale, Gronski) 4:30.88.

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