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Fourth in our alphabetical series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Tom Nystrom

Sports have shown me that nothing comes easy in the world and the only way to succeed is by pushing yourself every day even when faced with adversity. It also taught me you can’t do things alone, that you have to be able to rely on those around you in order to succeed and overcome challenges that may seem impossible.

The sports I’m in have shown me how to be a leader and take charge so that others can have someone to look to and follow behind. Within my athletics, I have come to realize that when faced with adversity, you have to decide that you won’t let it affect you and persevere with those around you. These lessons are going to help me to reach my personal goals.

I am currently undeclared in where I want to attend college but I would like to study physical therapy or sports training.

Annika Brown

Growing up I was always involved in sports, soccer being my favorite and the one I excelled at most. By attending a small school, there were never enough girls to form their own team, so I played on boy’s team. To succeed on this team required me to compete at a higher level and overcome other challenges I would not have had on a girl’s team. Beginning in 6th grade I was able to rely on my own level of strength, speed and skill but I would have to work harder to keep up with the boys who would inevitably be surpassing me physically in the near future. On many occasions I experienced unkind comments from opponents and learned how to respond in constructive ways. I would not be the athlete I am today without the guidance of my coaches and friendships I developed with my teammates over the years. The positive experiences far outweigh the negative that I encountered throughout my athletic career.

The competitive approach, and the lasting friendships I have developed, carry over into my other sports and have helped me to take on other challenges in my life. I take the toughest courses our school has to offer and when I join an organization or volunteer for an event I contribute to make a difference, not just to add it to my list. I have always wanted to attend UW-Madison since I was a little girl and beginning in the fall I will be an official Badger!

I will be attending UW-Madison next year. I have not chosen a particular major at this time but I am excited to explore my options at Madison.

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