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Third in our series of Cloverbelt Conference 2020 Scholar Athletes

Abbie Hediger

Cross country has allowed me run competitively and be a leader over the last 4 years. I made varsity as a freshman and became the top runner on the team my sophomore year. From there on I became a leader of the girls’ team, especially as a senior.

This has motivated me to put other people’s needs before my own, which is the whole center of my career.

My plan is to attend UW Green Bay and study psychology. From there on I will go to grad school with the ultimate goal of becoming a counselor for people who suffer with PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health issues in the military.

Connor Jeske

My athletic/academic success has enabled me to accomplish self-discipline. I believe that committing yourself to athletics rolls over into academics and vice versa. It has given me the ability to see what small goals turn into. Having now learned self-discipline will help me through college with my study habits, homework load, workout schedule, and daily practices.

I plan on moving on to the next level of playing the sport I love. I will be playing college football while starting out my education with a Biology and Pre-med degree. After successful graduation of college, I plan on sitting for my MCAT test and entering medical school. My long term future goal is to become a Radiologist.

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